Mehndi Design: + 250 Trending Mehndi Designs 2024

Mehndi designs are mostly used in Asian countries, out of which India has a big name. Along with India there are some other countries where  more famous.  Mehndi fills the body with beauty, and mostly applied on hands and feet during festivals and happy occasions. There are many types of mehndi designs which we are going to see further.

Mehndi History

The origin of mehndi is from Egypt, the name of the tree from which mehndi is made is henna. It is believed that the queen of Egypt was very fond of decorating. One day the queen was walking in the garden, she saw a henna tree and plucked a leaf from it and crushed it with her hands, after a while its color applied to her hand. After this, the queen plucked leaves from the tree and made a paste and applied it on her hands.

After drying for some time, the paste left the hands and the color of henna got on the hands. And she started looking very beautiful. After that mehndi started becoming famous in Egypt, then people started cultivating mehndi at different places. After this people started cultivating henna, then gradually henna became popular. Now everywhere, be it any festival or any occasion of happiness, the same people start applying mehndi design. here are some popular mehndi designs.

  • Bridal mehndi – Bridal mehndi designs is more famous in India and Pakistan, which is seen more in weddings and has a lot of importance in decorating the bride. In bridal mehndi designs with small leaves are made with big flowers, which look beautiful in the hands and feet of the bride.
  • Traditional Indian Mehndi Design – Many new designs come in Traditional Indian mehndi Designs, some designs are for the whole hand which has a big circle in the middle of the hand and leaves on the side. And a long line comes from the top of the hand and a strip in the middle. Many designs can be seen in this, which are running a lot in the market nowadays. You can use it at weddings or events.
  • Indo Arabic Mehndi Design – Arabic designs are made of flowers and long leaves, this design is simple, which you can apply in any festival and it also has different patterns, it looks very beautiful in the hands.

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How to Apply Mehndi Design

The more difficult it is to think about the mehndi, the easier it is to make it. Before making the design, draw a light line on the hand; And whatever design is thought, start slowly. This will increase your confidence a bit and you will be able to design.

You can start design with a circle which everyone does. I also did it when I learned Mehndi. Draw a line in the circle to make it in the shape of the sun, after that draw a line in it little by little from all the four sides and keep the line light in the beginning as I said, if there is a mistake, erase it and draw a line again. The shape of the leaves has to be made, small lines and dots have to be filled in the middle, in the same way the whole hand design has to be started.

You can apply it on your feet in the same way. After applying it is also necessary to dry for some time until the color of mehndi does not bloom well, hands and feet have to be saved from water until mehndi does not dry well, after that hands and feet have to be washed. So that the color of mehndi remains for a maximum number of days. It is difficult to start learning anything, once you start it becomes very easy to learn.

Mehndi Application Process

Before mehndi application process ready below how to prepare mehndi.

How mehndi is made – The leaves of the henna tree are used to make mehndi. After drying the henna leaves, tea leaves are mixed in it and then its powder is made. Then a paste is prepared by mixing water and lemon juice with the powder.

Types of Mehndi – Lets explain you some more popular designs.

Full Hand Mehndi

In full hand mehndi is designed in the entire hands, in this you will find many designs which contribute to enhance the beauty of the shining hands.

Arabic full hand latest mehndi designfull hand latest mehndi design 2024Bridal full hand latest mehndi designfull hand latest mehndi design bridalBride full hand latest mehndi designfull hand latest mehndi design for bridalfull front hand latest mehndi design for dulhanfull front hand latest mehndi design for dulhanfull front hand latest mehndi design for dulhanfull front hand mehndi designLatest full hand mehndi designNew full hand mehndi designLatest full hand mehndi design Beautiful full hand mehndi design Latest Bridal full hand mehndi designfront hand mehndi design for bridalSimple Full Hand Mehndi Design

Back Hand Mehndi

In back hand mehndi the designs are made on the back side of the hands, which should be on the front side as well as on the back side so that the mehndi can be visible from both the sides of the hands.

latest back hand mehndi designlatest back hand mehndi design 2024Bridal Back Hand MehndiArabic Back Hand MehndiSimple Back Hand MehndiNew Back Hand Mehndi DesignBack Hand Mehndi Full HandBack Hand Mehndi Design 2024Back Hand Mehndi DesignBridal Back Hand Mehndi DesignArabic Back Hand Mehndi DesignBack Hand Mehndi Design SimpleCool Back Hand Mehndi Designlatest back hand mehndi design for dulhanfull back hand mehndi design for dulhanback hand mehndi design for dulhanfull back hand Mehndi DesignNew Back Hand MehndiSimple Back Hand MehndiFlower Back Hand Mehndi Design

Foot Mehndi Design

The foot mehndi is start from the toes till the knees, this design is more popular for weddings. There are also many designs available in this which enhance the beauty of the feet.

Arabic Foot Mehndi Design    Simple Foot Mehndi Design    Latest Foot Mehndi Design    New Foot Mehndi Design Photo


Modern Mehndi Design

here are some special trends of mehndi which are more popular. Modern mehndi designs are the latest and moderate designs, whatever design becomes more famous, it comes in modern fashion which is more liked.

New Modern Mehndi Design    Simple Modern Mehndi Design 2024

Flower Mehndi

The flower mehndi fashion is made of leaves with flowers on the entire hand from the fingers to the palm and the reverse hand is made from the edge. This design is preferred. Here are some of its designs.

Simple Flower MehndiFlower Mehndi PhotoArabic Simple Flower MehndiBridal Flower Mehndi design

Festival Mehndi Design

As soon as the festival comes, people get addicted to mehndi and at the time of festivals, people like different samples of mehndi, mostly they like to apply mehndi in Deepawali, Navratri, Karva Chauth, Eid etc. Different designs are available according to the festival.

Panjabi Festival Mehndi DesignFestival Mehndi Design PhotoFestival Mehndi Design 2024Raksha Bandhan Festival Mehndi DesignEid Festival Mehndi Design

Mehndi Fashion

Mehndi is a very popular fashion which is already in trends. Everyone is using this fashion in different ways, looking ahead.

Mehndi Design with Jewelry

There are many designs like jewelry in mehndi design. At the same time, many designs of mehndi patterns have started coming in clothes too.

Mehndi Design with Jewelry FashionMehndi Design with Jewelry PhotoArabic Mehndi Design with JewelryFull Body Mehndi Design with Jewelry

Mehndi Designs Body Art

Along with hands and feet, people are also trying to apply mehndi on other parts of the body like the back, and shoulders.

New Simple Body Art Henna    Latest Henna Body Art

Colors of Mehndi Designs

Mehndi design is also available in different colors, you can apply mehndi of whatever design you want, some colors are given here which you can choose and include in your mehndi.

Brown Mehndi Design

Brown mehndi color shines very lovely on hands, feel little different while designing but looks amazing after drying and after washing hands.

Simple Brown mehndi design    New Brown mehndi design with flower

Red mehndi design

Red color is used more in wedding, it is very important in decorating the bride, red color is considered auspicious in marriage, so people also like red mehndi.

Back hand red mehndi design simple    Red mehndi design flower

Black Mehndi Design

Black mehndi design is a fashionable design, whenever you want to apply a different design, you can go with black, here it is very attractive, it is used more for hands. Some women get to see this mehndi.

Simple Black Mehndi Design back hand    Arabic back hand Black Mehndi Design

White Mehndi Design

White mehndi design is mostly seen in people of foreign countries, people apply it on hands and feet, this design is also very popular.

Simple White Mehndi Design For Hand    New White Mehndi Design Back Hand

Gold Mehndi Design

Gold mehndi design is also a favorite designs which brings golden beauty to the hands. Whenever a mehndi design is used more, then there is attractiveness in it, similarly golden mehndi is there.

Simple Gold Mehndi Design Back Hand    Simple Flower Gold Mehndi Design 2024

Green Mehndi Design

Green mehndi design can be seen in festivals, similarly people apply any design in festivals. But the green is quite visible at that time, it shines beautifully in the hands after blooming.

Green Mehndi Design Front Hand    New Green Mehndi Design Simple

Blue Mehndi Design

Blue mehndi design is rarely seen but some people also apply blue design a lot. this designs are remembered when your plan to travel, at that time a slightly different design is needed, blue mehndi is best for that time. Which is the beauty of white hands makes it attractive.

Simple Blue Mehndi Design Back hand     Arabic Blue Mehndi Design Back Hand 2024


Mehndi design is an art which shows the culture. Mehndi is seen more in weddings and festivals which shows the beauty of women. Generally Mehndi are of different types. Which are known by different names, Mehndi is very popular in some countries, like in Asia and African, along with the pattern of Mehndi, many colors are also present.



Q 1. How long does the color of mehndi last?

It depends on the mehndi and what kind of mehndi it is. And it also depends on your skin, however, the color of mehndi lasts for 10 to 15 days.

Q 2. Does mehndi have any side effects?

Mehndi is cold for the body which does not harm the body but some people may be allergic.

Q 3.  Can I remove the mehndi design before it fades?

Yes you can remove it. Mehndi can be removed by mixing some baking soda with lemon and some warm water.

Q 4. Can I apply mehndi on other parts of the body except hands and feet?

Yes, you can apply mehndi designs on other parts of the body as well. Like in the back, shoulders etc.

Q 5. Is white mehndi design a popular trend.

Yes, white mehndi is also a popular trend which is used like plain mehndi.