Henna Tattoo: + 100 Henna Tattoo Designs

Tattoo is a form of body decoration, usually the color of henna tattoo ranges between red, brown, black and golden. Which is also known as Mehndi design. Tattoo fashion has been going on for years. It is especially liked by girls and women. It can be applied on many parts of the body like hands, feet, shoulders. The duration of henna tattoo can range from 15 days to 1 month, after which it starts fading slowly. Let us know some special things about henna tattoo in the further article.

Weddings & Marriage Henna Tattoo

  • Bridal Henna Tattoo: Mehndi on bridal hands is part of culture and happiness, beauty and fashion. It is believed to inspire good luck and happiness. Bridal mehndi tattoo is a little different which starts from the fingers of the hand and goes till the arm. The hands are completely covered with henna. Red colored mehndi is considered auspicious for the bride. Mehndi is applied on hands and feet.
  • Union and Bond: Applying henna to the bride and groom is a celebration of their union and marriage. Before marriage, there is a mehndi ceremony, in which mehndi is applied to the bride and some people apply mehndi on their hands along with the bride. This day is special for the bride. The same applies to the groom’s side as well.
  • Flower Tattoo: Rose, lotus, marigold and jasmine colors are usually used to make henna designs. Along with flowers, petals also play a major role. The flowers are beautifully designed and given a shape and the color is filled inside them.

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Henna Tattoo Idea

  • Sahasrara Tattoo:  This round design usually made in the middle of the palm on both hands is a lotus flower pattern.
  • Moroccan Tattoo: Geometric is known for its shapes and beautiful shapes. This style is for full hands.
  • Feather Tattoo: A design made of feathers can be made on any part of the hand. It can also be made from peacock feathers or other feathers. It symbolizes dreams and this design is perfect for those who want to fulfill their dreams.
  • Sun Henna Tattoo: The brightness of the sun cannot be faster than anyone else, similarly the sun’s tattoo is no less than its brightness. A sun shaped circle is made and a design is made on it. People who make such tattoos are blessed with good fortune.
  • OM Henna Tattoo: Om is a symbol of peace, Om tattoo keeps the mind calm and pure. If you like simple tattoos then this tattoo design is best for you. It can be made in the palm or anywhere above the palm and below the shoulder.
  • Moon Henna Tattoo: Moon is a symbol of coolness, making moon tattoo keeps energy in the body. Moon tattoos are quite famous during the time of Eid. Which you can make easily. There are some flowers along with the moon which turn the moon into a nice design.

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Henna Tattoo Hand

Hand tattoo special is for those who like to make tattoo on hand. Henna is a favorite of women’s especially when they are more excited, henna tattoos are applied only on special occasions, however nowadays people like to make tattoos for mourning also.

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Simple Henna Tattoo

Generally simple tattoos are preferred according to simple lifestyle, in this you are going to get simple tattoo designs. This type of tattoo designs can be small, and are made on some parts of the hand. Tattoo design reflects your nature and what kind of preferences you have. Tattoo always depends on your complexion, if you are fair then black tattoo is going to be special for you, and if you have fair complexion then brown tattoo can be best for you.

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Henna Tattoo Kit

A tattoo kit is a bundle of stickers that contains a variety of tattoo stickers that are applied to the hands. If you are also thinking of buying a henna tattoo kit, then let us tell you that you can buy henna tattoo kit online and offline. In which you will get stickers, you have to stick your stickers at the place where you want to make a tattoo. And henna paste has to be applied on top of it. As soon as the henna dries, the hands have to be washed with water so that the tattoo on the hands blooms well and the hands start shining.

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Henna Tattoo Men

Men are also fond of tattoos who can make tattoos on their hands. Some people like to make tattoos on wrist or shoulder. Tattoo shows strength to men, it is believed that people who make tattoos on their body, do so in memory or devotion of someone. Whom he does not want to forget throughout his life. If so then there is a wrist tattoo for you which you can easily make. There are many types of tattoos, some are small and some are big in size. There are many designs in the market but the best design for men is wrist tattoo.

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Cute Henna Tattoo

Tattoos made of flowers and leaves add beauty to the hands. Some tattoos are made of rose flowers which are drawn from the palm to the elbow like rose petals with small leaves. And the tattoos of jasmine flowers are small in which leaves are also mixed. If you are looking for a good tattoo then we are going to tell you some special tattoos.

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Henna Tattoo Stickers

Tattoo stickers are known for their beauty, if you do not know how to make a design then use tattoo stickers which will help you in making a nice tattoo in less time. This tattoo can be made on your hands at home without anyone’s help. It becomes easier to do good design in less time.

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Tattoo making reflects fashion. To make good tattoos and different tattoos use henna tattoo. Because this tattoo fades away after some time. After that you can make another new tattoo. Which can bring good color to your hands on wedding or any occasion.

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